Tuesday, July 17, 2007

what we do when we do too much

We fall over. So, I took a two day break from the crazy black belt training schedule because my body was completely worn out. Yeah, I know, poor me, right? Whatever!!! Saturday's class was a killer. I have never done so many front snap kicks in my life, or punches for that matter. All after holding horse, holding in the up part of the push-up and then going down for a push-up. It's no wonder I've come down with another cold (I just had one a month ago and it was a doozy). I never get sick that much. Guess it's time to up the vit C...

Anyway, training has resumed. Today was kehones and kata and push-ups, of course. I'm now up to sixty a day and going strong. One hundred is my goal since that's what we will have to do at the end of the black belt shiai. I must also become more comfortable in horse stance since there is a 100% chance that I will have to hold it for five minutes or longer at some point during the testing. Maybe more than a few times, it's anyones guess. Master Morallo is not a kind tester, and we like it that way. If it's not a difficult test for both body and spirit it's not worth the time. I say that now...at least there will be two other people going with me (one woman and one man). To do a test alone...well, I guess that would be a character builder, now wouldn't it.

I do have to say that it's a bit strange just writing about my martial arts. There haven't been any chances to really talk about it with anyone without it sounding incredibly obsessive. But those who train know what life with martial arts in it is like. You bring what you learn out into the world, into your work, into your family. It's not just exercise anymore...

Thursday's class will be sparring. I've gotten so much more comfortable with it over the past few months. Usually I just try to throw combos, but now I'm thinking more along the lines of how can I get this person to do what I want so that I can land a hit. It's not one point sparring, but back and forth. Good stuff.

Check out "Fight Girls" on Oxygen. It's about this group of women vying for spots on the American Muay Thai team. Very cool. Master Toddy is the man!

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Very cool blog! You need to find the link on my left side bar for the COCA google group and join. You'll find some good insight and a really cool martial arts community online!