Thursday, March 27, 2008


Oooo, class was so much fun today! Remember the student I was teaching and I got this weird vibe and all? Turns out he's actually pretty darn cool. He did aikido for seven years and today he taught our class. It was fantastic! I'd done some aikido before, but only briefly, but we have done the rolling and falling used in aikido in our dojo for as long as I can remember. I love the roll and today at the end of class boy did we roll! We also practiced the first escape you learn, and I have no idea what it was called. You use tenken stepping to move off to the side so that you are shoulder to shoulder with the tori and then step back using your arm to ward off and drop the tori. It's a beautiful move. I think all aikido is beautiful, but have never been around an aikido dojo. However, when we move I believe there is one near where we are going so I may just have to join. I love aikido, love the way the movements are executed. It suits my body. The best part is that it stresses the use of ki and hara, which is so important in any martial art. Muscle will only get you so far. Sensei remarked today how we will be doing more of this in the weeks to come. The trick is to practice it inbetween those days. So far I've incorporated another day in the dojo to practice. Now I just need more people to practice with. There's a kohai that's been practicing with me, but more bodies means more learning, but I'll take what I can get! This kohai is really good and he's a san kyu which means he's been around for a while. We'll see. Once the weather is tolerable we'll go outside to train, which I absolutely love. Soon enough.


John Vesia said...

I did a some aikido myself years ago. I've always been fascinated with internal styles, but especially the philosophy of Ueshiba. Someday I'll go back. Stick with it if you can.

Mathieu said...

Aikido rocks, when you have the right teacher. :D

I used to love it until I met another teacher. Then, I simply quit.

With the right teacher, any art rocks. The internal styles teach many lessons that I apply in karate constantly.

The hardest part is not switching for good. When I'm older and have nothing else to prove myself, I'll probably switch. For now, I'm ego and all. I'm not ready yet, but it'll come around.

I'm glad for you, you seem to be having fun. Keep it up, you transpire positivism.

somaserious said...

John: Internal styles can teach so much more, at least in my eyes.

Mat: Ego and all, hmm? Going internal teaches you so much about yourself and can bring your karate so much further. Thanks for the compliment (you transpire positivism...).

Mathieu said...

Ego and all. Yep.

I'm working on it.

Patrick Parker said...

Since you enjoy aikido, you might get a kick out of this discussion that has been going on at my blog in the last week...