Sunday, March 21, 2010

The trip of a lifetime.

It's been sad not having time to blog about my martial arts adventures lately. On the other side of that, I haven't really HAD any martial arts adventures for over a year now. "Life" got in the way for a while and I'm not really sure when I'll be able to get back into a dojo. Having two children to look after kind of puts the proverbial stick into the spoke of my wheels. It's certainly not a bad thing, just sad every once in a while. However, a new path has presented itself to me, and boy oh boy, what a ride it's going to be!

A little over a month ago I spotted a flier at my gym. There were many other fliers on the same board, but this one immediately caught my eye. On this piece of paper was information on a program called Step Up to Law Enforcement. The sentence, "Oh, I couldn't possibly do that. My life is too crazy"ran through my mind, but as I was thinking that my hand was reaching up to take the slip of paper on the bottom that had a phone number.

To make this story just a bit shorter, I ended up contacting Vermont Works for Women and was put in touch with the woman who runs this particular program. Turns out we knew each other. Talk about a small state....

Her aunt lives in my home town and I met her about 20 years ago (!) as we were both about to attend the University of Vermont. I hadn't seen her since that time (and we only saw each other a few times in college) and had no idea that she worked for VT Works for Women. She still knew who I was and I recognized her name immediately. So, I went in for an information session. I then came back for and interview with this woman and after that was asked to come back for a second interview. It had been a long time since I was put into that type of situation.

The second interview was with four women: two from VT Works for Women, one police officer and one corrections officer. Talk about being nervous! That had NEVER happened to me, ever. The questions were hard and had me thinking to the bottom of my brain. They do that on purpose since they only take women they feel are suited for law enforcement work. Apparently I am one of those women.

The class started last Thursday and so far I'm thinking this will be the best career path ever. Massage has been so amazing, and was the career that made me who I am today, but becoming a police officer will take me so much further. The class is 9 weeks and introduces us to what it will be like having a career in law enforcement. We will be applying for jobs in two weeks. Once we are hired that agency sponsors us to go to the police academy. That will be a difficult road because not only is it tough academically and physically, but I will be away from home all week for 16 weeks. All students must stay at the academy, but we get to go home on the weekends. That will be so hard to do, but what I'm working towards will make up for having to be away from my family.

Onward, ho!


Steve said...

That is so AWESOME! Congratulations!

I don't know if you ever watch the Simpsons, but you should check out "The Springfield Connection" in which Marge joins the force. It's season 6 and is one of my favorites.

somaserious said...

Thanks, Steve. I'm so, so excited about this that sometimes I just can't contain myself! I think I have seen that episode. Go Marge! One of the cool things is that I could potentially become an in-house self defense trainer.

Michele said...

How exciting!

Congratulations on your new adventure.

Anne said...

Whhhooooah! C'est incroyable! Big changes for you! XOFifi

BBat50 said...

That's awesome. I've always thought that massage is a bit of trap as a career path. As you must know, very repetitive and very difficult to do for many hours a day.

But, law enforcement. Whoa, that's serious. A lot of the students in my dojo, particularly the women, have careers in that area. The guys tend to be firefighters.

Brandon said...

Good luck in your ventures as a law enforcer. Your now going to get licensed to use your Karate=)