Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kids shows

Okay, this is a great clip. Our son, Griffyn, enjoys this show called The Backyardigans. If any of you have kids you probably have seen this and sing right along with the great tunes they come up with. This particular show is a favorite, and you'll see why. By the way, we went to see them live yesterday. You know you're a parent when you're more excited than your child is to go see a live showing of their favorite characters. Ah, parenthood...


Steve said...

I sat through the entire 2 minutes of that! My 10 year old said he has heard of Backyardigans and so has my wife ... this was my introduction. Thanks ... I think!

BTW, I'm looking for martial arts advice on my latest blog entry!

Mathieu said...

Good! now clean up the spill!