Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, here's the next youtube installment of "DeadBooks". This should be a very interesting ride. I'm going to continue to promote it until it launches, so you have been warned...

The move is moving along. I'm very, very, very excited to finally get up to the Burlington area. There's just so much more up there for my family.

This will be short and sweet. Life has just been very crazy lately (plus it's my busiest time of the year for massage) and I'm hoping to get to a post I'll call "Female MMA fighters". There's so much more to it and it's rolling around in my brain. It will take some time since I have to find videos, quotes, etc., but it will eventually make it to the page.

Just know that class is still of the caveman variety and I'm all over CrossFit. Thanks to Steve...

Maybe even go as far to say that I'm thinking about getting certified....yeah, certifiably crazy!

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Steve said...

Can you tell me more about Cross Fit? Do you just go to the blog and he tells you what to do? Free?