Thursday, August 7, 2008


How can I post words
When life is frantic, like
Willow strands breaking.

Karate is fun,
Sweating now my passion,
Life is so much fun.


Steve said...

Ahh... haiku. Very nice. I always think of Wayne's World now.

I wrote a couple last year for a "contest" on Martial Development:

Gasping for more air,
I shake hands with my partner
and begin again.

Sweat stinging my eyes,
so I close them and see more
than ever before.

But my fart poetry is much better. :D

somaserious said...

Yeah, haiku is so much fun and so challenging! You only get a limited amount of words to convey mountains. Love yours! Yup, I peeked at your fart haiku months ago....hee, hee, hee.