Friday, September 21, 2007

Karate dreams

Do you ever have karate dreams? I often have this dream where I'm in class and we're usually in shiai. They are always fun and full of movement. There was even this once dream where me and a fellow female dojo mate were making up an entirely new kata. But last night I had my first fight dream. I was in this video store looking at the children's videos when this woman comes over and starts to turn the videos in her direction (they are on a turnstyle type of thing) completely disregarding the fact that I, too, am looking. At first I just pull them back, but she keeps doing it. I then tell her that I am still looking at this particular section and she needs to be aware that someone else was here first and to be patient. Then we just start getting into it. She comes at me and I evade her and give her a "gentle" mawashi geri to her stomach, just to let her know that I know some techniques and it might not be wise to continue. But she does. I don't remember the rest and I woke up in the middle of it. It was so weird! Usually when I have a dream where I'm hitting someone I barely have any strength and am not effective at all. This one was different. There was power in my moves. Hmmm, could I be believing in what I know?


[Mat] said...


I do karate dreams.

I always end up hitting someone very VERY hard. Like in cartoons.

I still have to control stuff, don't I?

Dreams are so weird in the sense that if you take the time to look at them, you see your life reflected and what it could become.

frotoe said...

I have karate dreams sometimes too. I usually end up kicking my husband. And then I wake up to him saying "Hey!-that hurt-stop dreaming about karate!"
But there is this one reoccuring karate dream I have. Its always of me being late for class, sometimes because I'm not able to tie my belt (which is always white in my dream)sometimes because of other weird "dream" reasons like my gi is all dirty, or I can't fit in it..weird stuff.