Friday, September 28, 2007

Shodan videos

Here I am, all sweaty and proud. I had just put on my black belt. Yay me!!! I honestly can't believe that it's all over, but am so glad that I did it. The test was fantastic...

Okay, here are the youtube links for my vids:



Black Belt Mama said...

Nice Karrie! Congratulations! The videos were cool!

Steve said...

wow!!! Now that's a big grin. Congratulations!! I can't wait to check out the videos.

Perpetual Beginner said...

Interesting. Your seiyunchin is definitely our seiuchin (with stylistic differences, obviously), while your Flight of the Striking Tiger (or did I reverse that?) looks like it has the same origin as our Chinto kata.

John Wood said...

I just recently came across your blog and I have to say I love how enthusiastically you seem to meet every challenge presented to you in your martial arts training. Therefore I'm picking your blog for the "Promote Three Meme"

[Mat] said...

nice grin!

Nice videos too. Look a lot like goju-ryu from what I see.

Congratulations again.

somaserious said...

Thank you everyone, for your congrats.
Flight of the Striking Tiger and Chinto both stemmed from a Chinese form that I am not remembering, so they indeed are very similar.

Thanks for meming me! I am very excited about my MA. It makes me feel alive!

Goju Ryu is the style which most of our kata come from. Also Shinto Ryu.

frotoe said...

Those kata were beautiful! So glad you posted them.
again, congratulations!