Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Time for a little fluff after a heavy post. These pictures were taken by my dear dojo mate, Kitt.

In the first picture we are in the middle of Lin Wane Kune. The paper on the mirror says "indomitable spirit".

This kata would be seiyunchin.

More Lin Wane Kune

Here I am demonstrating eagle claw to the throat. Very informally I might add...the first was a really good grab to the throat of the man on the right (white gi).

Now what do I do?

A head butt, of course! This wasn't the actual progression, but, hey, it's my blog!

Well, there you have it. Happy Koro Ken land.

Sensei will be testing for his Go Dan on January 26, it's official. It should be very interesting. I'll have some more pictures then.


Perpetual Beginner said...

Nice photos.

Good luck to your sensei. Mine recieved his go-dan about a year ago, which thrilled him no end - especially since his students collected the money he needed for the promotion (has to come from Okinawa, and he was broke at the time). Best Christmas present I ever gave anyone.

Kitt said...

Glad you could use the photos! I really enjoy reading your blog, because your joy and enthusiasm really come through - you have such a positive outlook and a wonderful sense of humor. You're a much better read than "that other" MA blogger we both know, who now seems to spend all her time with her boob welded to her new boyfriend ... See you in the dojo!

Blackbeltmama said...

Great pics. I love black gi's. You have to be a shodan to wear one in my school. One of these days. . .

somaserious said...

BBM, you'll have it before you know it! Soon....very soon.

frotoe said...

Great pictures! I love the black gi's too. You have to either be an instructor or a 3rd degree or higher at my school to wear them. I've got quite a way to go before then.