Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pregnant karate

Man, can we say whiny? Yeah, my last post was a bit glum, but I was not in a happy place. From now on I will only write in my happy place. That being said....

There has been this awful thing happening at my old dojo, the kind of thing where it will most likely be closing (along with the gym that it is housed in). Sensei is, in a word, distraught. I'm not going to go into it in depth out of respect for him. It's not good. That's all I will say. It makes me and the rest of my dojo family incredibly sad. We're all hoping he will eventually teach in some other venue. We all remain optimistic.

So I now move forward to find my pregnant karate. As happened with my last pregnancy, I am incredibly nauseous, all day long, even through the night. This, as you can imagine, does not bode well with focusing on anything other than getting through the day and onto the next. To go to the gym to do anything at this point makes me want to run and find a toilet. I'm going to attempt the treadmill tomorrow, or maybe Thursday, and see how it goes. It was all going smoothly until the serious nausea set in a week and a half ago. I'm hoping that it will go away once I hit the three month mark, which will be the beginning of April. I, as ever, remain positive in thinking this will happen.

There was this new dojo I was attempting to visit a few days before I found out that I was pregnant. Go check it out. I spoke with the sensei a few times and it really sounded quite incredible. It's mainly a weapons-based system, with a little taijutsu to boot. I've been looking for this type of dojo for quite a while. There are no true kobudo dojo in VT anywhere, and those who know kobudo teach privately. There's a lot of grappling techniques (of the jitsu variety) and some forms, but mostly fighting techniques. What impressed me the most was that the sensei travels at least twice a year to train with his teachers in Japan. However, the sensei was very apprehensive about me joining class being pregnant. Accidents happen, and I understand. What I would love to do is go view a class and then, perhaps, join once I'm back in the game. It's good to know it's available to me. Many of the other martial arts in the area just weren't speaking to me. I'm hoping this one will.

So, for now, I work on my pregnant karate and see where that takes me.
Maybe here:


Michele said...

Congratulations! A baby...how exciting!

I made people nervous when I taught karate while pregnant. I stopped teaching around six months. I felt fine but the students did not like practicing kobudo when I was on the dojo floor.

Mathieu said...


My gf is pregnant too.

Is this video for real??

somaserious said...

Mathieu, I believe it's for real.
and congrats to you, too!!!

Michele, thank you so much. I'm hoping to get back into training very soon.

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