Monday, November 12, 2007

Why blog?

My sensei asked me the other day why I blog. I guess the answer is, at least for the martial arts aspect, a place to put my thoughts on favorite topics and also to expand on areas where I feel my martial arts is lacking. It's also nice to get a little validation, even if it's from strangers. The anonymity allows for a freer writing space because I don't really care about being judged by people I don't know. Constructive criticism is a good thing and I can handle it much better in writing than I can face to face. Anyway, I'm beginning to fade in the NaBloPoMo in my MA blog since my "other" life has come to the fore with more issues. Nothing serious, just a need to write about that more often.

I'm off to the Burlington Kempo class tonight. It will be nice to train again in a new place, and the "old" place is feeling just grande. I did a lot of martial arts activity last week and hope I can keep up the pace every week. It helps with the outward stresses of our move looming closer and closer. I've decided to do the elliptical trainer since it allows me to listen to music and exercise and sweat. Kabox is okay, but my body isn't really into it right now. On the elliptical I can zone out and just be in myself, which is something I really need right now. What I really need to focus on is keeping that sense of serenity as I do self-defense techniques. Just be internal as I go external. This is difficult, and I plan on working it until I can't stand it, or at least until I reach mushin...

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[Mat] said...

By the by,

for me, there are phases.

At times, when I'm in a body-learning phase, I'll write about how many reps of a particular kata I did. How to move in contraction, how to contract-release, etc etc etc.

But when a plateau is reached, I focus on my mind. My green belt was like that. I caught on VERY quickly. I was ready 3 months later to pass to blue. I did not improve in my techniques from then on. I had reached the most I could take out of green in three months.

Then, I focused on the history, the philosophy, the energy.

An injury stopped me, so back to the mind.

Today, I'm gaining my strengh, stability back. It's a long struggle and I work very hard. My blog reflects that.

A blog is great in that sense. If you keep it simple and that it reflects your soul, it will go beyond having money for it or lack of readers.

Best of all, it'll be a great journal to re-read.

Last week, I was troubled and went through what I had posted in 2005. I re-caught the shime-shibori article I had put up. And the light shone once again on my mind.

For me:
Karate is my philosophy, my way of life, my physical therapy, my training way, my way to conquer my own lazyness, my way to make one, my way of hearing peace in my mind, the only activity I'll want to do in 30 years, the place where my body naturally fits, the place where everything fits together.

I constantly try to put better values in my life and keeping it simple.

Karate, just like life, is a neverending learning and relearning cycle.

Why blog?
Why not?

As you said: karate rocks.